1. High throughput
    HLA typing by NGS
  2. High quality certified
    by ASHI and EFI
  3. High quantities
    attractive prices

Update regarding SARS-CoV-2

Dear friends and partners,

Currently all of us are concerned regarding Corona and all its implications on our daily personnel and professional life. DKMS Life Science Lab continues to provide reliable services. Our processes are running and we have sufficient supplies of all materials. The logistics work properly, too.

You can be very sure, that we are aware of our responsibility regarding patients and customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

DKMS Life Science Lab is closely monitoring the situation as it develops, taking the appropriate action as necessary to ensure we safeguard our employees in addition to supporting our customers. Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay healthy!

DKMS Life Science Lab
Genotyping laboratory

Located in Dresden, Germany, DKMS Life Science Lab is one of the world's largest and most advanced genotyping service providers. Our main focus is high resolution, sequence based HLA typing for stem cell donor registries. We are also looking to expand the scope of our services into areas where our core competencies can provide exceptional value to customers.

Cutting edge technology: Highly parallelised NGS workflow since 2013
Ultra high throughput: Well over 1 million samples per year
Attractive pricing: Our scale is your benefit
High quality: Certified by ASHI and EFI


We supply high quality immunogenetic genotyping services. Our mission is to provide a more efficient route to accurate genotypes. We also welcome opportunities to cooperate in other areas where our lab´s NGS and high throughput offer benefits.
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Our world class expertise in high throughput NGS technology provides our customers strategic benefits. Expert knowledge from more than one million HLA typings per year makes us an experienced and reliable partner.
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About us

We are a well-organised team with the capabilities, knowledge and innovative spirit to deliver the best and most accurate results. Our highly qualified employees will execute your genotyping order as cheaply and quickly as possible.
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Besides performing routine genotyping operations, our lab has always been proud to play an active role in the scientific field of HLA typing and beyond.
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