HLA-E diversity unfolded: Identification and characterization of 170 novel HLA-E alleles

Paech C, Albrecht V, Putke K,Schoefl G, Schoene B, Schmidt AH, Lange V, Klussmeier A
, 397(5):389-398 [ DOI ]


High-throughput MICA/B genotyping of over two million samples: workflow and allele frequencies

Klussmeier A, Massalski C, Putke K, Schäfer G, Sauter J, Schefzyk D, Pruschke J, Hofmann J, Fürst D, Carapito R, Bahram S, Schmidt AH, Lange V
Frontiers in Immunology
, 314 [ DOI ]

Non-invasive determination of CMV serostatus from dried buccal swab samples: assay development, validation and application to 1.2 million samples

Behrens GA, Brehm M, Groß R, Heider J, Sauter J, Baier DM, Wehde T, Castriciano S, Schmidt AH, Lange V
The Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Bioinformatics Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities for Next Generation Sequencing-Based HLA Genotyping

Klasberg S, Surendranath V, Lange V, Schöfl G
Transfus Med Hemother
, 46:312-325 [ DOI ]

TypeLoader2: Automated submission of novel HLA and killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptor alleles in full length

Schöne B, Fuhrmann M, Surendranath V, Schmidt AH, Lange V, Schöfl G
, 2:195-202 [ DOI ]

Multiple knockout of classical HLA class II β-chains by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing driven by a single guide RNA

Crivello P, Ahci M, Maaßen F, Wossidlo N, Arrieta-Bolaños E, Heinold A, Lange V, Falkenburg JHF, Horn PA, Fleischhauer K, Heinrichs S
Journal of Immunology
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KIR genotyping data of more than 3 million individuals are available for global unrelated stem cell donor searches (comment to: Weisdorf D, Cooley S, Wang T, et al. KIR donor selection: feasibility in identifying better donors. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2018; doi: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2018.08.022.).

Schmidt AH, Lange V, Hofmann JA, Schetelig J, Pingel J
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant.
, 2:e39-e40 [ DOI ]

High-resolution characterization of 12 classical and non-classical HLA loci in Southern Brazilians

de Sousa Castro M, Issler HC, Gelmini G, de Miranda BLM, Calonga Solís V, Schmidt AH, Stein A, da Graça Bicalho M, Petzl-Erler ML, Augusto, DG
, Feb 10 2019 [ DOI ]

Patterns of non-ARD variation in more than 300 full-length HLA-DPB1 alleles

Klasberg S, Lang K, Günther M, Schober G, Massalski C, Schmidt AH, Lange V, Schöfl G
Human Immunology
, 1:44-52 [ DOI ]


Allele-level KIR genotyping of more than a million samples: workflow, algorithm, and observations

Wagner I, Schefzyk D, Pruschke J, Schöfl G, Schöne B, Gruber N, Lang K, Hofmann J, Gnahm C, Heyn B, Marin W, Dandekar R, Hollenbach JA, Schetelig J, Pingel J, Norman PJ, Sauter J, Schmidt AH, Lange V
Front Immunol
, 9:2843 [ DOI ]

Very low error rates of NGS-based HLA typing at stem cell donor recruitment question the need for a standard confirmatory typing step before donor work-up

Baier DM, Hofmann JA, Fischer H, Rall G, Stolze J, Ruhner K, Lange V, Sauter J, Schmidt AH
Bone Marrow Transplantation
, 2018-11-30 [ DOI ]

Full-Length HLA Class I Genotyping with the MinION Nanopore Sequencer

Lang K, Surendranath V, Quenzel P, Schöfl G, Schmidt AH, Lange V
Methods in Molecular Biology
, 155-162 [ DOI ]

Predicting an HLA-DPB1 expression marker based on standard DPB1 genotyping: Linkage analysis of over 32,000 samples

Schöne B, Bergmann S, Lang K, Wagner I, Schmidt AH, Petersdorf EW, Lange V
Human Immunology
, 79:20-27 [ DOI ]


Frequencies of gene variant CCR5-Δ32 in 87 countries based on next-generation sequencing of 1.3 million individuals sampled from 3 national DKMS donor centers

Solloch UV, Lang K, Lange V, Böhme I, Schmidt AH, Sauter J
Human Immunology
, 11:710-717 [ DOI ]

Dual redundant sequencing strategy: Full-length gene characterisation of 1056 novel and confirmatory HLA alleles

Albrecht V, Zweiniger C, Surendranath V, Lang K, Schöfl G, Dahl A, Winkler S, Lange V, Böhme I, Schmidt AH
, 90:79-87 [ DOI ]

2.7 million samples genotyped for HLA by next generation sequencing: lessons learned

Schöfl G, Lang K, Quenzel P, Böhme I, Sauter J, Hofmann JA, Pingel J, Schmidt AH, Lange V
BMC Genomics
, 18:161 [ DOI ]

TypeLoader: A fast and efficient automated workflow for the annotation and submission of novel full-length HLA alleles

Surendranath V, Albrecht V, Hayhurst JD, Schöne B, Robinson J, Marsh SGE, Schmidt AH, Lange V
, 90:25-31 [ DOI ]


ABO allele-level frequency estimation based on population-scale genotyping by next generation sequencing

Lang K, Wagner I, Schöne B, Schöfl G, Birkner K, Hofmann JA, Sauter J, Pingel J, Böhme I, Schmidt AH, Lange V
BMC Genomics
, 17:374 [ DOI ]

Prediction of spurious HLA class II typing results using probabilistic classification

Schöfl G, Schmidt AH, Lange V
Human Immunology
, 77:264-272 [ DOI ]


High density FTA plates serve as efficient long-term sample storage for HLA genotyping

Lange V, Arndt K, Schwarzelt C, Boehme I, Giani AS, Schmidt AH, Ehninger G, Wassmuth R
Tissue Antigens
, 83:101-105 [ DOI ]

Cost-efficient high-throughput HLA typing by MiSeq amplicon sequencing

Lange V, Böhme I, Hofmann J, Lang K, Sauter J, Schöne B, Paul P, Albrecht V, Andreas JM, Baier DM, Nething J, Ehninger U, Schwarzelt C, Pingel J, Ehninger G, Schmidt AH
BMC Genomics
, 15:63 [ DOI ]


High-resolution HLA haplotype frequencies of stem cell donors in Germany with foreign parentage: How can they be used to improve unrelated donor searches?

Pingel J, Solloch UV, Hofmann JA, Lange V, Ehninger G, Schmidt AH
Human Immunology
, 74:330-340 [ DOI ]

Regional HLA Differences in Poland and Their Effect on Stem Cell Donor Registry Planning

Schmidt AH, Solloch UV, Pingel J, Sauter J, Böhme I, Cereb N, Dubicka K, Schumacher S, Wachowiak J, Ehninger G
, 8:e73835 [ DOI ]


A multi-site study using high-resolution HLA genotyping by next generation sequencing

Holcomb CL, Höglund B, Anderson MW, Blake LA, Böhme I, Egholm M, Ferriola D, Gabriel C, Gelber SE, Goodridge D, Hawbecker S, Klein R, Ladner M, Lind C, Monos D, Pando MJ, Pröll J, Sayer DC, Schmitz-Agheguian G, Simen BB, Thiele B, Trachtenberg EA, Tyan DB, Wassmuth R, White S, Erlich HA
Tissue Antigens
, 77:206-217 [ DOI ]

High-resolution human leukocyte antigen allele and haplotype frequencies of the Polish population based on 20,653 stem cell donors

Schmidt AH, Solloch UV, Pingel J, Baier D, Böhme I, Dubicka K, Schumacher S, Rutt C, Skotnicki AB, Wachowiak J, Ehninger G
Human Immunology
, 72:558-565 [ DOI ]

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TypeLoader is an automated workflow to aid in the curation and submission of new alleles identified from genotyping immunogenetics samples using second and third generation sequencing technologies to the IMGT/HLA repository.


HLAsim - Simulating HLA locus allelic dropout

Simulation code and data associated with the article

Prediction of spurious HLA class II typing results using probabilistic classification (2016)

G Schoefl , AH Schmidt, V Lange
Human Immunology, doi:10.1016/j.humimm.2016.01.012


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