We offer

High throughput NGS HLA typing: for high quantities
Clinical HLA typing services: for fast results
Full length HLA gene characterisation: for high accuracy submissions to IMGT/HLA
Stem cell donor search: for transplant centres or physicians

High throughput NGS HLA typing

Our high volume and high resolution molecular HLA typing is performed on our established next generation sequencing platform. Customers can choose between two different typing profiles:

basic profile

  • HLA-A
  • HLA-B
  • HLA-C

  • HLA-DRB1
  • HLA-DQB1
  • HLA-DPB1

  • HLA-DRB3/4/5
  • HLA-DPA1
  • HLA-DQA1

  • high resolution (>99%)

extended profile

  • HLA-E

  • blood groups
    ABO, RhD – molecular

  • KIR genotypes
    at an absence/presence of genes level or allelic group level

  • CCR5Δ32
    mutation of the CCR5 receptor

  • MICA
  • MICB

  • CMV
    immune status cytomegalovirus, NEW from buccal swabs

The turnaround time for both profiles is 20 working days.

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Clinical HLA typing services

If results are needed quickly, at lower quantities or are directly patient related, our clinical lab offers the right service.

Clinical profile

  • high resolution HLA typing by NGS (Long Range Sequencing Service)
  • for HLA-A,-B,-C,-DRB1,-DQB1,-DPB1,-DPA1,-DQA1,-DRB3,4,5
  • pre-typing and confirmatory typing
  • turnaround time between 24 hours to 7 working days
  • antibody screening and specification tests* (CDC and Luminex)
  • crossmatch testing* (CDC)

* upon request


Stem cell donor search

Are you looking for a matched stem cell donor? We offer a special service for physicians and transplant centre only. Numerous transplant centres worldwide rely on our high proficiency searches and our Search Unit can also help you to find peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cell donors for your patient.

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The Search Unit Dresden associated with DKMS Life Science Lab is accredited by the ZKRD Central Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Germany and conducts unrelated donor searches as well as searches amongst family members for individual patients.

Thanks to our trusted cooperation with the ZKRD, many years of experience and access to a global network our Search Unit Dresden can quickly and reliably find suitable donors based on the “German Standards for Unrelated Blood Stem Cell Donations”, “German Consensus on immunogenetics donor selection for the allogenic stem cell transplantation” and WMDA standards.

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Full length HLA gene characterisation via dual redundant reference sequencing

- for registration of new alleles and research projects -

Novel HLA alleles are frequently discovered, but the characterisation of the complete allelic sequence and subsequent submission to the IMGT/HLA database remains a tedious and cumbersome process. By combining the strengths of two complementary sequencing technologies SMRT sequencing on Pacific Biosciences instruments and shotgun sequencing on Illumina instruments, we achieve fully phased zero-error sequence characterisation from 5’ to 3’UTR.

Using largely automated methods for submitting new alleles to the IMGT/HLA database, we provide characterisation and submission of dual redundantly sequenced alleles as a service.

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